Building up innovative tech companies is hard, but ruining the culture of an acquired startup is easy.

M-TRIBES is a company builder agency. We build companies “as a service”, helping traditional automotive and transportation companies to build the next generation of digital products & services. We are fast, we are committed and we optimize for impact.

In the first step, M-TRIBES is like an agency with benefits:

  • we focus on building digital products & services specifically in the field of Mobility, Logistics and IoT, which helps to deliver better results in less time at lower costs
  • we build innovate products using the latest technologies and take them into the actual markets to validate the need
  • we launch early, iterate fast and grow the actual user base, not just the backlog

In the second step, M-TRIBES helps to build sustainable companies:

  • we offer our clients to spin-out validated concepts into independent startups, ideally with the same team that already proofed the concept
  • our clients can act as strategic investors into these spin-offs from day one and have exclusive rights to finance them through the different stages
  • we believe that independent startups will be more successful than dedicated teams within a larger organization
  • our clients define the strategic direction of the spin-offs, while leaving the founders and their teams with operational freedom and a significant upside potential

Please contact us at if you would like to discuss opportunities to work together or get a quote for a specific project. Alternatively, you can use the contact form below: